Underwater Robot

Underwater Robot

Aim: To study the working mechanism and technology behind an Underwater Robot.


Parts Used:-

  1. PVC pipe
  2. Polyethylene
  3. Joysticks
  4. Arduino uno
  5. 12V DC Pump 0.7 A


Working: -

This robot is a basic model of marine and underwater robots which are used in many forms. In this model, we are learning about the propulsion system of an Underwater robot using a hydro pump.

This is controlled by wire system, which is connected with the Arduino UNO and Joystick. It is not wirelessly connected.

Future Aspects: -

  • These can be used in marine geoscience for mapping data that will lead to significant new discoveries.
  • Naval applications in operations & New innovations in a country’s navy.
Underwater Robot

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