Smart Water Monitoring System

Smart Water Monitoring System

Aim:- To detect the flow of water and record the volume of water that flows through the pipe for a given period of time.


  1. IoT - Concepts & Applications
  2. Arduino Architecture & Programming
  3. Calibration of Flow Sensors

Parts Used:- Arduino UNO, Display, Water Flow Sensor, Barrel connector, Breadboard and Wire

Working:- We use water flow sensor to detect the water flow rate and the volume of water passed which is displayed on the screen. Water flow sensor act as an input device which sends data to Arduino for processing and displays the water flow rate and volume of water passed as output.

Principle:- It works on the Arduino UNO and IoT using ESP8266.

Future Aspects:- It can be used to calculate the turbidity and the amount of dust present in water. It may also categorise water as acidic, poisonous, drinkable or non-drinkable.

Circuit Diagram

Smart Water Monitoring System

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