Security Camera

Security Camera

Aim: To study the working technology behind Security Camera.


Parts Used:-

  1. Camera
  2. Raspberry Pi



This security camera is a smart device, which is used for the monitoring purpose on remote location. This is a security system which consists of raspberry pi, and is also used as a mini computer in side model.


So, we are using the raspberry pi and a camera, which is attached with the CPU processor. We can use an IP or remotely desktop control system to view the live streaming of this camera. This camera can perform motion.


The motion detection system and email sending screenshots. Sending system is the advanced feature which we can use on the security camera. This can be highly effective. The generated product can be used in both computer and robotics part.



Future Aspects: -

These cameras are of great use in metropolitan cities for surveillance. These cameras are easily available and will surely replace the traditional practice of hiring security guards.


Circuit Diagram

Security Camera

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