Aim: To study the quadcopter dynamics and develop the proper method for stabilization and trajectory control of quadcopter.


Parts Used:-

  1. Embedded Development Board
  2. Brushless DC motors
  3. Propellers (Pushers and Pullers)
  4. Electronic Speed Controllers
  5. Transmitter (Remote)
  6. Receiver



This is a basic drone, used as a flight controllers’ system which can carry some amount of objects or weight.

This is the basic model of a quadcopter which can be used to learn the basics of quadcopter and drone technology. In this, we are using a remotely controlled system, remote control gives the input to the processing of the system which is implanted on the quadcopter.

Then this processing system provide data to the propellers & the motors used to create a thrust so that it can fly above the ground.

As this is the basic quadcopter, we can only use it as an experimental setup to learn about the quadcopter technology.



Quadcopters work on Newton’s Third Law as when rotors throw air down the body is lifted up.


Future Aspects:- Apart from shooting eye-catching clips, the future aspects of the quadcopters are as follows:-

  • Quadcopters or drones will be used as transport vehicles in future.
  • Nowadays, Several Companies including UberEATS and Amazon are testing to use programmed quadcopters to achieve lightning-fast, easy and traffic-free delivery.
  • Drones or Quadcopters have a wide application in search and rescue missions which will be evolving in several few years.

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