Obstacle Avoider Robot

Obstacle Avoider Robot

Aim: To study the working technology behind Obstacle Avoider Robot. To learn about IR Sensors and Servo Motors with the Arduino board.


Parts Used:-

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Servo Motors
  3. Motor Driver
  4. Ultrasonic Sensors
  5. Servo Motors
  6. Robot Chassis



Here in this robot, the ultrasonic sensor makes a sonic burst from the transmitter module. The signal returns after hitting a surface and the receiver detects this signal. The time taken by the signal is being used to determine the distance.

When the robot is turned on, both the motors of the robot will run normally, and the robot moves forward. The sensors work here, and this information is processed by the Arduino. If the distance is less than 15cm, the Robot stops and scans in the left and right tracks for the new moving areas using Servo Motor and Ultrasonic Sensor. If the distance towards the left side is more than that of the right side, the robot will prepare for a left turn. Similarly, if the right distance is more than that of the left distance, the Robot prepares the right rotation. This method continues forever, and the robot moves on without hitting any obstacle.



This robot work on the principle of ultrasonic sensors for their movements.


Future Aspects:-

  • Household work like automatic vacuum cleaning can be done using a robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • They will also be used in find and rescue missions in a dangerous disaster condition and anti-human survival environments.

Circuit Diagram

Obstacle Avoider Robot

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