Hand Gesture Robot

Hand Gesture Robot

Aim: A hand gesture robot is a robot, which is used to move the autonomous vehicle by gesture of their hand.


Parts Used:-

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. 60 RPM Motors
  3. IR Sensor, LEDs & Resistors
  4. Wheels
  5. Wooden Chassis
  6. ADXL-335 Accelerometer Module
  7. Motor Driver
  8. Wi-Fi Transmitter and Receiver Module



This is made by two Arduino boards-Wi-Fi modules and an accelerometer. Accelerometer is a sensing device, which is used to give the direction to the vehicle. In this, we have a two-process body, one is the accelerometer and/or hand gesture system. In this, the accelerometer is the sensor which sends the direction of our hand and gives the data to Arduino which lateral supply or give output to the Wi-Fi module present on hand gesture system then from the Wi-Fi module to the autonomous vehicle the data center to Wi-Fi module and then they are processed on the Arduino UNO present on the vehicle.

After the data is being processed, vehicle moves the data or the information to motor driver and which makes the mode motors run in a particular path.



Basic principle of hand gesture robot is to collect the gesture data and process it by sending appropriate signal to motors of the robot.


Future Aspects:-

  • It can be useful in the field of medical science for doing surgeries and performing operations.
  • It is of wide use in hazardous waste disposal which may be harmful to humans if touched by hand.
  • In the future, we can easily see these robots at risky and unsafe construction sites where human working can be hazardous.

Circuit Diagram

Hand Gesture Robot

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