Automated Street Lighting System

Automated Street Lighting System

Aim:- In this course, we will build an IoT based Automated Street Lighting System that automatically switches the street light ON and OFF based on the amount of sunlight present.


Parts Used:- Arduino Uno, IR Sensors, Photodiode , Road LED , Connecting Wires.


Working:- It works very efficiently by turning the streetlights ON and OFF at the right time as needed.

Firstly, Photodiode detects day and night for further process,

Then IR sensor collects the data on detecting movement of human or vehicle on Road and then turning on particular LED above the object detected.

Lights will switch off once object in front of it pass from its range.

Principle:- It works on the Arduino UNO and IR Sensor.


Future Aspects:- Make cost effective and solar power enabled street system which can be use make our city and people safe.

Circuit Diagram

Automated Street Lighting System

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