Aim: To understand the designing functioning and operating of and basic 3D printer.


Parts Used:-

  1. Controller Board
  2. Filament
  3. Frame
  4. Motion Components like stepper motors, belts, threaded rods, and end stops
  5. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  6. Print Bed
  7. File Transfer Options


Working: -

3D printer is a type of CNC machine, which is used to draw any material or object in three dimensions. In this model we are using an input source, which can be SD card or computer cable.


From input source data attached are given to the processor unit which processes the computer language into the mechanical language, then the data is processed to the nozzle which has a PLA material filament, which melts in the nozzle and the nozzle draws it in the three-dimensions object geometry.


Principle: - The basic principle of a 3D printer is 3-dimensional program computer which works on melting and depositing characteristic of a plastic.


Future Aspects: - 3D printer can be used in many categories like producing eatable and medical supplies.


It can also help in construction and mechanical work like metal cutting and deposition of bricks and walls.


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