Smart Electric Grid System

Smart Electric Grid System

Aim: - To develop practical strategies that energy generators, project developers and grid operators can use to resolve the issues posed by local planning schemes and regulations, in an intelligent, cost-efficient and timely way.


Parts Used: - Relay, meters, transmission cables, smart substations, synchro-phasor technology.


Working:- The smart grid uses three phase of power supply chain which include Power generation , power transmission and power supply.


Here, Power generation means generating power from various sources like solar panel, windmill, thermal energy, etc.


In Power transmission, we deal with electricity supply from Power generator to nearby home supply in various voltage category.


In power supply, we convert electricity into 220v which is standard set in India and used in household.


Future Aspects:-  we can understand different form of voltage used by different countries and their standard and also we can work with finding better power generation system for Green and efficient power generation source.


Smart Electric Grid System

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